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2 new technical paper from vmware related to vmware ESXI

Vmware released 2 new technical paper on 06/07/2011 which related to ESXI operations and migrations. You can find official download link below;


Migrating to Vmware ESXI


Vmware ESXI 4.1 Operations Guide



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vCenter Configuration Manager login fails with error: Your ID has either not been created in VCM, or you have no current VCM roles


vCenter Configuration Manager Console login page appears but when the Login button is clicked you receive this error message:
Your ID has either not been created in VCM, or you have no current VCM roles.
Error Message:
Unknown Error


This issue occurs if the advanced SQL configuration option Ole Automation Procedures is disabled.

The VCM console relies heavily on  SQL servers ability to create automation objects. To resolve this issue, run these statements in SSMS:
sp_configure ‘show advanced options’, 1
sp_configure ‘Ole Automation Procedures’, 1
sp_configure ‘show advanced options’, 0


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Getting VMware Data Storages FreeSpace with percent as CSV file on VMware vSphere PowerCLI

If you need Data Storage free space of on your Vmware infrastructure (vSphere) as a Excel format ! Solution is here. I just need this information to follow my data growth in monthly or weekly. As you all know VMware does not provide this information like performans chart.


So just install VMware PowerCLI over here then write following script in a .ps1 file and save as getdatastorestatusascsv.ps1 via notepad or other text editor. Open Vmware PowerCLI on your desktop and  just run it wherever you saved. Like  “.getdatastorestatusascsv.ps1”


Do not forget determine csv file path, your Virtual Center IP address or DNS name, Username and Password for connect to Virtual Center in script.


Connect-VIServer -server -protocol https -user administrator -password Pwesd42#3




Connect-VIServer -server %VCServerIPorDNSName% -protocol https -user %USERNAME% -password %PASSWORD%
$GetInfoDataSt = Get-Datastore | Sort-Object Name

$DataStorages = @()

foreach ($stores in $GetInfoDataSt )
$stor = “” | Select-Object Name, CapacityGB, UsedGB, FreeGB, PercentUse

$stor.Name = $
$stor.CapacityGB = [math]::Round($stores.CapacityMB/1024,2)
$stor.UsedGB = [math]::Round(($stores.CapacityMB – $stores.FreeSpaceMB)/1024,2)
$stor.FreeGB = $stor.CapacityGB – $stor.UsedGB
$stor.PercentUse = [math]::Round(100*$stores.FreeSpaceMB/$stores.CapacityMB,2)
$stor.PercentUse = 100 – $stor.PercentUse
$DataStorages += $stor

$DataStorages | Export-csv -Path $file



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Performance charts for networking does not work on ESX/ESXi 4.1 Update 1


  • Performance charts for networking fail to work on ESX/ESXi 4.1 Update 1
  • You are using bnx2x driver version 1.54.1.v41


To workaround this issue, use an asynchronous Broadcom driver, such as bnx2x-1.62.15.v41.2.
To download the driver, see the VMware Download Center.

Additional Information

This issue will be fixed in  ESX 4.1 Update 2 with a pre-installed driver.


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IBM released new XIV software for Vmware Vcenter v.2.0.0

The IBM XIV Management Console for VMware vCenter integrates IBM XIV Storage System with VMware vSphere management. It runs as a service on the vCenter Server, and enables storage provisioning, storage management, and monitoring of VMware-attached XIV storage pools and volumes (LUNs), from any VMware vSphere Client.

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vm time sync problem with vmware tools 3.5.0

vm time sync problem with vmware tools

“Time synchronization between the virtual machine and the ESX Server operation system.” in Vm Tools, still not sync between vm and ESX server time.

solution: Unchecked — Apply, check again and apply in vm tools


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VmWare 3.5.0 HA problem

if some Service Console port does not have any ip address in one of host in vmware cluster. Maybe :) ) some hosts cannot join HA via this message “HA Agent on ?????? in cluster ???? in ???? has an error Incompatible HA Networks: Host has network(s) that don’t exist on cluster. Cluster has network(s) missing on host:”

solution is not rejoin cluster, solution is give an ip addres


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