Storwize V7000 new features been released

Storwize V7000 was introduced in October 2010 in IBM Storage Mid-range portfolio. V7000 archived one of the fastest product ramps in IBM history with more than 1.800 systems sold to more than 1.000 worldwide customers since general availability in November 2010. The products supports 10 GbE ports in new control enclosure models and this can increase ISCSI thoughput by up to 700 per cent. High performance 2.5-inch 146 GB, 15.000 rpm SAS drive is available and provides up to 30 per cent faster thoughput. Original disk drives choice is 2.5-inch 10.000 rpm SAS drives comes with 300, 450, 600 and 300 GB E-MLC SSD (enterprise-grade multilevel cell). Also 3.5-inch 2 TB 7.2K rpm Near-Line SAS disk is available. Two V7000 control enclosures (2U rack-mountable chasses) have Eight 8 Gbps FC host ports, Four 1 Gbps and optionally Four 10 Gbps ISCSI hosts ports. Per control enclosure 16 GB cache memory.


Two V7000 control enclosures can now be clustered to another V7000 control enclosure with IBM Storwize V7000 software v6.2, meaning doubling the capacity of a single managed V7000 up to 480 TB. The software has had built-in real time performance monitoring fuctionality added and the FlashCopy function can be used with Remote Mirror volumes, adding more choices to high-availability scenarios. This is similar to high-end storage products like DS8000.


Vmware vStorage API for Array Integration is now supported, meaning the array can now do storage work offloaded from the ESX server, enabling more VMs to be hosted and run. This is one of the most important features in this release. (v6.2)


When a customer is buying new V7000, IBM is offering data migration features for 60 days free. Which is enough for a company can migrate all the data from another storage device to V7000 himself and/or any storage devices behind V7000 as an external storage virtualization. Storwize V7000 can be upgraded from the smallest to the largest configuration without disruption. Existing V7000s can participate in clusters via a non-disruptive software upgrade to v6.2 and a cluster is managed as a single system. Once clustering is enabled then expansion enclosures can be added to scale capacity and/or a second control enclosure can be added to boost performance.


There is a Storwize V7000 plug-in for Vmware Vcenter wihch also supports virtualised external disk systems. The list of supported external systems now includes EMCs VNX, HDSs VSP, HP P9500 plus Texas  Memory Systems RamSan-620. Lastly existing model 112 and 124 control enclosures can be upgraded to add 10 GbE support. ISCSI is getting important and more important because of agility and cost approaches.


As a reminder, i want to marked that usually everybody want 15K rpm HDD but 10K rpm HDD is better if you have a change to balance the performance impact. So V7000 can provide a better performance for 10K rpm HDD with SSD and/or 146 GB 15K rpm HDD. Result is with the right approach and calculation, you can get better performance compare to native 15K rpm HDD.


IBM has not yet added compression to the V7000 and it is expected at some future date. It said in September 2010 that, within 12-18 moths, we didsee the RACE integration into IBMs block storage products; we may some time to wait.


Most of the new V7000 functionality will be available in June this year . There is no extra feature to order and no extra charge for clustering. The Vcenter plug-in will be available at no charge on 30 June (for v6.1 software) and 31 July (v6.2 software).


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