How to access internet over SSH tunnel with putty

Why would we need to access internet with ssh tunnel over putty ? Actually this thread usable for System Admin who is working on customer side. How ? Companies that provide Internet access for their users with restricted access via some url or content filtering software/box. I meant, as a System admin who is need to access lots of web site what is denied by customer url/content filtering software. Also some reason, if you do not want watch your internet access by software. Maybe you need encrypted traffic to trusted internet traffic.

Examples can be increase.

How this stuff will do it.


First at all, we need to access internet (our ssh server) with port 22 (or whatever you are use ssh server port), this will not work, if you had only http proxy server on you network. We must direct access to internet over 1 port for our/public ssh server. So we should request direct access to internet for our ssh server port from network admin. 🙂

What are we need done this ;


1. putty software.

2. Unix or Linux server that support SSH logins.


Just use one of search engine getting putty client. (type “putty download” and click first link 🙂 or click here ).

As you all know putty does not need to install. Just run it.


I assume your SSH server use default SSH port what is port 22, if is not you should use your port on following setting up.


Run putty



Type your ssh server address on Host Name or IP address like following image.


and go Connection — SSH — Tunnels on Category, We will use Source port and Dynamic option to finish our configurations.


Type free port your system like “7979” in Source Port and select Dynamic option. We will use this port for our local SOCKS server what will become putty. Basically, putty provides local Socks server for access to internet through SSH Tunnel.

Then click Add button.



After putty will seem like this.

Then go back to Session category and type a session name in Saved Sessions and click saved button.


And we just finish putty configuration. Now go to proxy setting on your browser, I choose Internet Explorer.

Open Internet Options on Internet Explorer and select Connections Tab.

Click LAN Settings.


Check “Use a proxy server for your LAN….” and click Advanced button in Proxy Server section.



This windows need little attention 🙂 we must clear HTTP Secure and FTP Server ofc also “Use the same proxy server for all protocols and type Socks server section and type 7979 on port (we gave this port on putty, if you want, you can change it on putty also here)

Why we type (localhost) as I said our putty become our socks server on local system.



Now we will just click Open button on putty



type your SSH login information, after succesfully login your ssh server, try to browse on your internet browser.



If is not works just reconnect ssh server.



resource :

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